Privacy Policy

1. Membership Policy

1 Overview

1.1 Member accounts can be registered in many ways, please keep your personal account information properly.

1.2 After logging in, you can use the platform services normally, without compulsory consumption, and everything is voluntary.

1.3 To register as our member, you need to agree to these membership terms.

2. Member account registration

2.1 It is free to have a member account. To become a member of TECHELITEFUN RUMMY, you must be at least 18 years old and have an email address and a permanent email address.

2.2 Member accounts are personal accounts and cannot be transferred to others. You are responsible for purchases made using login information. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you promise not to disclose any username and password to any unauthorized person, and are responsible for ensuring that your username and password are stored securely so that unauthorized persons cannot access the information. If you suspect that someone has unauthorized access to your password, please change your password immediately and report the suspicion to _TECHELITEFUN RUMMY customer service.

2.3 As a member, you are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct and complete. When changing your personal information (such as name, phone number or email address), you promise to notify TECHELITEFUN RUMMY of the correct information immediately.

2.4 As a member, you need to access the content of the membership terms and conditions and any changes to the terms.

3. Handling of personal data 3.1 When you register for an account, TECHELITEFUN RUMMY will process personal information about you. The processing is done in accordance with TECHELITEFUN RUMMY’s privacy policy, which describes in detail how we collect, use, save and share your personal information.

4. Application and modification of terms

4.1 At the time of purchase, TECHELITEFUN RUMMY general terms and conditions will apply. The terms of sale are not affected by these terms of service.

4.2 These terms and conditions for member accounts are applicable to forms and content posted on the TECHELITEFUN RUMMY website at all times.

4.3 TECHELITEFUN RUMMY reserves the right to change the terms of the member account and the structure of the offer or the method of provision at any time. If the terms of the membership terms change, the updated terms will be posted on the TECHELITEFUN RUMMY official website. In addition, the next time you log in to your member account, the system will notify you that the terms have been changed. If you do not want to accept the changed terms, you can terminate your membership account by contacting customer support, please refer to the contact information at the bottom of these terms.

4.4 Except for mandatory regulations, TECHELITEFUN RUMMY is not responsible for any losses (including lost profits or inferior gains) caused by the changes to these terms, and TECHELITEFUN RUMMY has no obligation to replace members or third parties for such losses.

6. Validity and account termination

6.1 Your membership account is valid until further notice.

6.2 You can contact customer service at any time to terminate your membership. At the bottom of these terms is the contact information for customer service. At the end of your account, any offers and discounts will no longer be valid. In addition, any personal data collected and processed to satisfy these account terms will be deleted. However, even after your account is terminated, TECHELITEFUN RUMMY may still need to process some of your personal data for other purposes (such as complying with our legal obligations). Learn more about our purpose of processing your personal information in the TECHELITEFUN RUMMY privacy policy.

6.3 TECHELITEFUN RUMMY reserves the right to terminate your member account immediately if it is suspected of abusing or improper use of a member account or other improper behavior. Misuse especially refers to violations of these terms, registration of incorrect contact information, fraudulent or fraudulent searches, and the forgery, alteration, sale or unauthorized transfer of documents such as discount codes or coupons to others.

7. Contact If you have any questions about holding a member account, or want to cancel a member account, please contact us via the following phone or email. Email:

2. Order Policy 2-1 cancellation and refund Refund conditions 1. The payment was successful, but the player did not receive it. 2. Due to technical problems in the application, it has been unable to provide game services to players for a long time.

3. Due to payment loopholes, players make repeated payments. 3-1 How to refund 1. Contact customer service via WhatsApp or email to describe the problem.

2. The customer service staff will reply to you as soon as possible and actively assist in solving the problem.

3. If your problem is not solved correctly. We will refund you.

4. Usually it will be refunded to your fund account within 5 working days. 3-1-1 You cannot refund in the following cases

1. When the charge is up, you have consumed a part. 2. The payment time exceeds 3 days.

3. There is obvious evidence that you cheated in the game and caused harm to other players, so restrict your transactions.

4. Payment

This app is free to register. You can pay rupee in the app by bank card, UPI, wallet and other methods to get gold coins. For specific recharge details, please refer to the app. Pricing In order to participate in cash games, customers must maintain a positive cash balance in their account. When recharging, the customer will be provided with virtual points equal to the customer’s recharge amount.