Registration Agreement

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Party A: Techelite IT Private Limited
Location:  Tower B,SAS tower, Medanta, Medicity Complex, Sector 38, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122001
This agreement is reached between Party B (hereinafter referred to as the user) and ONION RUMMY. Users should carefully read the legal agreement on the mobile application platform between the platform website and ONION RUMMY. When the user has the following actions, this agreement constitutes a binding legal document between the user and the platform.
Party B specifically promises that if Party B is dishonest, the platform has the right to immediately blacklist Party B and expose Party B’s dishonesty to the entire network, the national market and relevant government departments.
Party B should fill in the relevant information according to the prompts on the registration page of this platform, read and agree to the actions stipulated in this agreement.
One, user information
1. Users should have the corresponding rights and capacity to enjoy the relevant services and use of the platform. If they do not have the corresponding rights and capacity, they should use the platform with the participation of parents, guardians or agents.
2. Users should provide registration information to the platform in an honest, trustworthy and sincere manner, including but not limited to personal real name authentication, enterprise real name authentication, etc.;
The user hereby guarantees that the registration information provided by the user is true, accurate, complete, legal and effective, and the user is obliged to update the registration information in a timely manner after changing the registration data.
The user shall be responsible for the related responsibilities and consequences caused by the information provided by the user.
Unless the parties agree otherwise, the user shall not rent, borrow or transfer his account to a third party for use, otherwise, the user shall bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom.
3. After successful registration, the user can change the password according to the rules of the platform. Users should properly store and use their account and password information, and be responsible for all actions under the account. Users should immediately inform the platform of any illegal use of their user accounts or security breaches,
4. The user hereby agrees that the platform has the right to push platform activity information via email, SMS, telephone, etc.

two. User's rights and obligations
1. The user has the right to enjoy various services provided by the platform in accordance with this agreement and the relevant rules published on the platform.
2. Users should abide by the principle of honesty and credibility when using the platform, and enjoy the platform's quality services.
3. In the process of using the platform, users should strictly abide by the national constitution, laws and regulations, relevant rules and regulations, this agreement and the requirements of the relevant provisions of the platform. The relevant remarks and behaviors of users must not violate public order and good habits, and must not harm the legitimate rights and interests of others. If the user’s comments or related actions on the platform infringe on the legal rights of others, the user shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
4. You will abide by national regulations and platform regulations, conduct product experience on a voluntary basis, and not illegally obtain any improper benefits through the platform.

Third, the rights and obligations of the platform
1. The platform should ensure the normal operation of the product and ensure the normal use of users.
2. The platform reserves the right to delete various content that does not comply with the national constitution, laws and regulations, relevant rules and regulations, this agreement, relevant regulations of the platform, or untrue content, without notifying users.
3. The user has the right to suspend, suspend or take independent actions on the user account.
4. The platform has the right to formulate, publish and update the service rules of the trading platform, and has the right to modify and interpret the rules. If the information provided by the user contains incorrect or erroneous information, the platform reserves the right to terminate the user's eligibility to use the network service.
5. The platform reserves the right to refuse service, close user accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders in accordance with Indian laws.

Four, platform services
1. The platform uses its own operating system to provide users with network services over the Internet.
2. In addition to the user's information and email, the user's privacy is protected by the following conditions:
2.1 The user agrees to allow third parties to share data;
2.2 Users agree to disclose their personal data and enjoy the products and services provided to them;
2.3 Court subpoenas, legal orders, rules and regulations, policies or legal procedures require the platform to provide or disclose;
2.4 The user violates this agreement or the relevant rules of the platform.

Five, order rules
1. Users download and use this product on a voluntary basis, without compulsory consumption. When you need to spend, please confirm the price of the product.
2. Please follow the platform regulations for any operation, please do not click on any third-party connection, which may lead to fraud.
3. The user shall not use the account of another person or misappropriate the account of another person to purchase the products of the platform. Once discovered, the account shall be blocked and the legal consequences shall be liable.
4. In the following cases, the platform can cancel user orders or partial orders:
4.1 The user negotiates with the platform to reach an agreement;
4.2 The user's order information is obviously wrong or the user's order quantity exceeds the platform's inventory quantity;
4.3 When the user's purchase balance is insufficient.

Six, intellectual property
1. Techelite IT Private Limited has the right to interpret this agreement, the relevant service rules of the platform and all the content displayed on the platform.
2. Unless otherwise provided by law, users shall not copy, reprint, quote, link or use platform information in any way without the permission of the platform.
3. The user hereby agrees that the platform has the right to investigate users' insults and defamation of the platform.

Seven. Revision and update of the agreement
1. The platform has the right to modify and update this agreement from time to time within the scope of its rights, without the user's prior notice or consent. For the modified and updated agreements, it will be announced on this platform and replace the previous agreements.
2. Users should pay attention to the platform's agreement modification and update announcements, and carefully read the revised agreement. If the user does not agree to the corresponding modification or update, the user has the right to choose not to continue to use the services provided by the platform. Once the user continues to use it, it is deemed that the user agrees to the corresponding modification or update of the platform.

Eight. Limitation of Liability
1. If the platform's system crashes or cannot be used normally due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the website, which results in the inability to complete online transactions or loss of relevant information and records, the platform will not be responsible. However, the platform will help deal with the consequences as reasonably as possible and try to protect users from economic losses.
2. To the extent permitted by Indian laws and regulations, except for other limitations and exceptions stipulated in this agreement and the relevant rules of this platform, the platform, its directors, senior staff, employees, agents or other representatives shall not under any circumstances For any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages or any other nature of compensation caused by the transaction or related to the transaction.

nine. Dispute settlement
1. The formation, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by Indian laws.
2. The terms of this agreement are severable. If any clause in this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, you can delete the clause and implement the remaining clauses.
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Party A: Techelite IT Private Limited
Party B: